FAQs - Fishermen's Finest

Can I have an application?
You can download an application on this website and bring it to an Employment Informational Meeting. You can also download a copy of our mandatory Criminal Background Check to fill out and bring with you.

How often do you hold Employment Informational Meetings?
We hold our Orientations on an as-needed basis. Please see our Orientation Schedule to find out when and where we will be recruiting next.

Do I have to pass a drug screen?
Yes! You MUST pass a pre-employment drug screen as well as take random drug screenings throughout the length of your contract. Fishermen’s Finest, Inc. is committed to providing a safe, drug and alcohol free work environment.

Do I have to pass a Criminal Background Check?
Yes! Due to the nature of the industry we are unable to hire individuals with a history of violence, theft, or narcotics/alcohol convictions.

Do you hire convicted Felons?

Can I mail or turn in an application to/at your Seattle office?
No. Applications and resumes are accepted only at Employment Informational Meetings.

How long are your contracts?
We offer trip to trip contracts; a trip consists of preparing the vessel for voyage, catching and processing the fish, returning to port, or place of offload - if at sea, offloading the vessel's product, and then being released from work by the Captain.  

Do you pay by the hour or percentage?
We pay by Crew Share Based Percentage; essentially this means each fisherman is paid a percentage of the revenue that is earned from each trip, less associated expenses.

What is the average pay?
Simply, there is no average pay. Fishing is an inexact science and factors including but not limited to weather, season, species, market value, forces of nature, and the global economy all affect your paycheck.

What are the hours?
16 – 18 hours per day minimum, 7 days/week, no Holidays or “weekends”

How long does each trip last?
It varies. Trips begin when the vessel departs the port of call and end when its freezer hold is filled with fish and it returns to the dock for offload.

How many people are on each boat?
There are approximately 40 people per vessel.

How many people are you going to hire?
How many people we hire is entirely up to the current needs of the vessel and the number of crew already aboard.

How soon will I know if I got the job?
When we have available job openings is entirely dependent upon the schedule and needs of the vessel; it is difficult if not impossible to predict how soon or what day we will require more crew.

Can I send/receive mail?
Yes, you can send and receive mail when the vessel comes into port to offload at the end of each trip. Please direct letters and packages for Crewmembers to:

Crewmember name
c/o American No.1
P.O. Box 920022
Dutch Harbor, AK 99692
Crewmember name
c/o U.S. Intrepid
P.O. Box 920012
Dutch Harbor, AK 99692

Can I check my e-mail at sea?
Yes, both of our vessels are equipped with internet connections.

Is there a telephone on the vessel?
Yes, but it is a shared resource and reception can be unreliable. Plan on at-sea phone use as an ‘emergency only” option.

How many boats do you have?
We have two Catcher/Processors: F/V American No. 1 and F/V U. S. Intrepid

How big are your boats?
The F/V American No. 1 is 160 ft.  The F/V U. S. Intrepid is 185 ft.