tSB Summer Interns - Fishermen's Finest

Fishermen's Finest hosted a group of teens and their mentors from the Service Board today at our Kirkland Headquarters.  It was a great opportunity to discuss the North Pacific fishing industry and career opporutnities as well as our new vessel (pictured) America's Finest (currently under construction at Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes). 

The mission of the Service Board is to mentor teens to conquer personal and cultural challenges through public service and outdoor adventure.  The Service Board instills in High School aged youth a deep sense of life purpose based on an ethic of public service and conviction in their abilities to shape the future.

Joerene and Pacifico will be joining the Fishermen's Finest team this summer as interns ~ we look forward to giving them a more in depth look at a progressive fishing company and hope to inspire future 'Fishermen's Finest-like-thinking' employees for whatever career they ultimately choose.  

For more information, please visit:  TheServiceBoard.Org 

Fishermen's Finest - a team of excellence (working together with the Service Board to help our youth) - our name says it all.