Mast Stepping - Fishermen's Finest

Ms. Park steps the mast of America's Finest TM
Nick Diemert, Rick Kirschman, Helena Park, Tim Lewis, & Justin Walker

Pictured above, Ms. Park places a 2014 American Eagle $50 coin under the mast of America's Finest TM today at Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, WA.  We signed our vessel construction contract with Dakota Creek Industries on November 18, 2014.

Ms. Park said 'this is a good luck symbol and it is also commemorates the linkage between the past, current, and future.  In other words, our 30 years of work transforming into the future - the work that we have done has made this day possible - completing our vision for the future and spearheading the rebuilding of the North Pacific fleet.  We look beyond our fleet, always [American No.1 and US Intrepid].'


Annika Saltman, Justin Walker, Tim Lewis, Dennis Moran, Ms. Park, Rick Kirschman, K. Uri, Nick Diemert

Pictured above, team FFI and DCI prior to the Mast Stepping ceremony.  Mast Stepping is the ceremonial occasion when the mast is stepped; the ceremony involves placing or welding a coin in the mast step of a ship and is seen as an important ceremonial occasion in a ship's construction that brings good luck.


Next year we take delivery of America's Finest TM - Dakota Creek Industries Hull #63 and one of more than a dozen ST-Class vessels around the world.  

Fishermen's Finest, Skipsteknisk, & Dakota Creek Industries - a team of excellence.