Ship's Blog - Fishermen's Finest

Fishermen's Finest is proud to welcome Mike Szymanski to our team as Government Affairs Consultant.  As a lifelong Alaskan, former State Senator from Alaska and 22 years of fishing industry background, Mr. Szymanski is going to work with Susan Robinson on a variety of issues that impact our Amendment 80 sector.

Fishermen's Finest is proud to recognize Carlos Cuevas for 15 years of exceptional service. Carlos joined our team back in 1996 and has worked on both our flagship vessel AMERICAN No.1 as well as his current ship US INTREPID.

A story that anyone who has been around FFI for any period of time has heard; back on April 17, 1986 Ms. Park hired Erin Moore to work aboard the F/T American No.1. Now some 25 years later Captain Moore is a skipper aboard the F/T US Intrepid. We are proud to acknowledge Erin's hardwork, dedication, fishing skills, seamanship, managment and overall excellence in all that he does.

Fishermen's Finest is pleased and proud to recognize the achievement of Paul Petersen - our newest US Coast Guard licensed Engineer.

Fishermen's Finest is proud to recognize Rueben Anderson off the U.S. INTREPID as our Crewmember of the Quarter.

Good people are the key to our success; We are proud to be Fishermen's Finest and this video will give you a glimpse into what we're talking about.

Fishermen's Finest is proud to recognize Will Ryan for 5 years of service aboard the US Intrepid.

Fishermen's Finest is proud to offer our crew access to Medical Insurance benefits.