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Thank you to Takeo and Koji from Net Systems Bainbridge Island for hosting our team at the Nichimo Tank Test Facility in Shinomoseki Japan.

Pictured above is Captain Bob Hezel and Captain Erin Moore from this past week. We were pleased with the results of our testing of the new Gull Wing doors.

Fishermen’s Finest ~ a team of excellence ~ our name says it all…

Join us in celebrating the success of our Team as skipper Phil Baker, first mate Darrin Eklund, and chief engineer Dave Kettrick embark on trip 40 today on the US Intrepid – our first time ever in the 40’s!

Fishermen’s Finest ~ a team of excellence ~ our name says it all…

As our vessels American No.1 and U.S. Intrepid are nearing the end of a record season, we take a moment to wish all our Fishermen’s Finest Family & Friends a Happy Halloween!

Fishermen’s Finest ~ a team of excellence ~ our name says it all…

Thanks to our neighbor, Joe on Haystack Hill for this glimpse into life in Unalaska.  Note the Church of the Ascention of Christ, Highschool, Community Center, Unalaska Post Office, Illiuliuk Clinic and then Raven House on the drive to Joe’s house on Haystack Hill.

Time flies when you’re having fun – Congratulations and thank you to Andre Petersen, seen here receiving his 5 year watch (although he’s worked here for 8 years now)!

We are very proud of Andre and his commitment and dedication to Fishermen’s Finest ~ a team of excellence ~ our name says it all…

Here’s a video from yesterday as the American No.1 left Dutch Harbor starting trip 29, 2010

Good luck ~ Good Fishing

As you’ll recall, Fishermen’s Finest, Inc., U.S. Fishing, LLC, and North Pacific Fishing, Inc. sued the Secretary of Commerce, former Washington State Governor Gary Locke, for failing to protect the Cod fishermen who were excluded from the pollock monopoly (American Fisheries Act) when enacting Amendment 85 to the Fisheries Management Plan of the North Pacific.

Read more about the case and the apeal to the 9th District court at Wesley Loy’s Deckboss blog:

We are not giving up on pursuing what is right for those of us who rely on cod and were unfairly excluded from the lucrative pollock monopoly.

We look forward to the United States Supreme Court agreeing to hear the case and justice finally being served for not only Fishermen’s Finest, but all who have been negatively impacted by Amendment 85.

Fishermen’s Finest is proud to acknowledge Paul Petersen as our employee of the quarter.

Paul started out with us on the US Intrepid in 2002 and then moved over to the American No.1 in 2004.  Over the years, Paul has progressed from processor to deckhand and is currently working in the Engine Room on our flagship vessel.  He’s an ambitious, dedicated, hard working individual that embodies all the traits of a leader aboard the American No.1.  Most of all, he’s a good shipmate and we’re glad to have him aboard.

We look forward to Paul achieving his USCG Engineer’s license in the near future and another opportunity opening up for him at Fishermen’s Finest.

If you see Paul aboard the boat or in the Shipyard, please be sure say hello and congratulate him, as we do, for being named Fishermen’s Finest employee of the 3rd Quarter 2010!