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With our vessel names, American No.1 and U.S. Intrepid, it seems only natural to have a blog entry celebrating the Fourth of July!

This photo was taken by our neighbor, Joe Alaska on Haystack hill; fox playing in the wildflowers and our Raven House flag.

Happy Independence Day – good fishing to our vessels in the Gulf of Alaska!

The American No.1 and US Intrepid called on Seward Alaska this week, in preperation for the July 1 Gulf of Alaska Fishery.

The sun came out for a few hours on Monday; as you can see in the video above, Seward is beautiful. Our vessels were in good company with several cruise ships over the few days we were there calling on the Dale Lindsey Alaska Railroad Depot.

Thanks to our good friends at Shoreside Petroleum for fascilitating our visit:

Fishermen’s Finest will be recruiting for processors in Seward Alaska on Monday June 28th; please visit for more information and don’t forget to visit our employment page on this site.

June 3rd was Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day in Alaska. Flags were flown at half staff in honor of those killed and injured during the bombing of Dutch Harbor 68 years ago.

Photo courtesy of US Parks Service - Dutch Harbor attack 6/3/1942

For more information, visit the US Parks Service website

Additional information at the National Guard link below

And of course, if you are in Dutch Harbor, you should visit the World War II museum next to the Tom Madsen Airport

Aleutian World War II National Historic Museum

Of note, our Raven House is an ex-WWII structure, originally built in 1930.

Raven House - 296 Raven Way, Unalaska, AK 99685

The sun was shining early Friday morning (12:20am) as the American No.1 entered Captains Bay June 4th.

Thanks to neighbor JoeAlaska for this picture.

Here’s a perspective of the photograph – taken from Haystack Hill (near our Raven House) and across Illiuliuk Bay to Unalaska Bay (Arch Rocks on Left & Cave Rock on Right)

American No.1 above left; Raven House right

Fishermen’s Finest will be recruiting for the first time in Montana on Monday.

Monday June 7th Recruiting in Bozeman

for more information, see our Craigslist ad below:

Also, be sure to visit our employment tab on this website for FAQ’s

The Alaska Flatfish Fishery has obtained Marine Stewardship Council Certification.

Following a comprehensive assessment process by an independent certifier, Alaska’s flatfish fisheries were certified yesterday under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) environmental standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries.

Yellowfin Sole; one of Fishermen's Finest primary target spp.

Read the press release below:

YFS MSC Certification 

As Helena Park, our CEO and President has always said, “it is our duty to be good stewards of our Nation’s resources.”

It is a good reflection on our sector to have the independent assessment by the MSC of our stewardship of the flatfish fisheries.

Fishermen’s Finest ~ a team of excellence ~ our name says it all…