25 Years of Excellence - Erin B. Moore

A story that anyone who has been around FFI for any period of time has heard; back on April 17, 1986 Ms. Park hired Erin Moore to work aboard the F/T American No.1. Now some 25 years later Captain Moore is a skipper aboard the F/T US Intrepid. We are proud to acknowledge Erin's hardwork, dedication, fishing skills, seamanship, managment and overall excellence in all that he does.

From a crewmember aboard the American No.1 in 1986 to skipper aboard the US Intrepid today, Captain Moore's story is one of success.

A company is nothing without good people and Mr. Moore is one of the best.

A Chelsea Heirloom Shipstrike Clock to commemorate the occasion and our thanks to Mr. Moore - we look forward to the next 25 years!

Pictured above are Mr. & Mrs. Moore as well as Ms. Park in our conference room today for the presentation of award.

Fishermen's Finest ~ a team of excellence ~ our name says it all...

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