Exceptional Vessels


Fishermen’s Finest manages a fleet of three catcher/processor vessels operating in the bottomfish fisheries of the North Pacific and Bering Sea. We are very proud of our fleet of vessels and consider our crew and boats to be the best in the business. Our vessels are impeccably maintained and top producers in their class.


America’S Finest

America’s Finest is a Skipsteknisk ST-116XL design catcher-processor vessel. It was built in Anacortes, Washington at Dakota Creek Industries (Hull #63). An engineering marvel, with the most up to date fishing/shipping technology, she’s joined the fleet in February of 2019.


U.S. Intrepid

Bold, fearless, brave — words that epitomize the U.S. Intrepid. This vessel was built by Bourg Drydock in 1979. The U.S. Intrepid joined the Fishermen’s Finest fleet in 1997 and has been a leader in the Headed and Gutted (H&G) fish sector ever since. 


American No. 1

American No.1 was built in 1979 by Marine Construction and Design Company (MARCO) in Seattle, Washington, as a combination crab/fish catcher processor. Senator Warren G. Magnuson proclaimed at the time “this vessel marks the beginning of the end of foreign fishing vessels in American waters.” 


Ship Summary

FV America's Finest FV US Intrepid FV American No. 1
Length LOA 264 feet 185 feet 160 feet
Beam (width) 51 feet 40 feet 40 feet
Registered Tonnage 3,640 Gross Tons 1,086 ITC 1,004 ITC
Class DNV-GL 1A1 E0 Stern Trawler, Hull Ice Class 1B DNV-GL Load Line DNV-GL Load Line
Build Steel Hull Delivered in 2019 by Dakota Creek Industries, Anacortes WA Steel Delivered in 1979 by Bourg Drydock, Bourg LA Delivered in 1979 by Marco Marine Construction and Design, Seattle WA
Propulsion 1 x 6,436 hp MAN 8LCR32 Tier II, ABB turbo main engine, single propeller 2 x 4, 160 hp EMD 645-16 naturally aspirated main engines, twin propellers 2 x 1,408 hp CAT D399 turbo main engines, single propeller
Freezing System Ammonia, 2 x Micom 475 hp compressors, 1 x Micom 125 hp for RSW Ammonia, 3 x 125 hp Sabroe Unisab II compressors Ammonia, 3 x 121 hp Sabroe 128H compressors
Product 20kg packaged blocks frozen, trawl caught, H&G flatfish, Cod, Pollock 20kg packaged blocks frozen, trawl caught, H&G flatfish, Cod, Pollock 20kg packaged blocks frozen, trawl caught, H&G flatfish, Cod, Pollock
Freezing Speed Core temperature to -20C in 75-90 min. Core temperature to -20C in 170-180 min. Core temperature to -20C in 160-180 min.
Daily Production Capacity 140MT/day
(308,560 lbs/day)
(617,120 meals/day)
(187,340 lbs/day)
(374,680 meals/day)
(165,300 lbs/day)
(330,600 meals/day)
Cargo Hold (-25C) 55,000 cases
(1,200 MT)
(2,424,400 lbs)
(4,848,800 meals)
18,500 cases
(370 MT)
(815,480 lbs)
(1,630,960 meals)
17,500 cases
(350 MT)
(771,400 lbs)
(1,542,800 meals)
Crew Size 50 43 39