Thankful Fisherman

Our Thanksgiving is a little different this year; the US Intrepid is working hard in the Bering Sea while the American No.1 is at the Maritime Industrial Center.  Both vessels will have annual shipyard maintenance as always, just in different States - US Intrepid in Dutch Harbor and American No.1 in Seattle.
We have so much to be Thankful for.  Most notably this year the words above come to mind. Captain Bob Hezel is honored for his leadership and ability by National Fisherman Magazine as a Highliner.  He joins the ranks of two others at FFI that have been Highliners - good company!
We have had a near record production year and have sold all our fish - a testament to our quality commitment and at sea/shoreside teamwork. Another forty trip year for the US Intrepid (only the third time in Company history).  
We have the discipline to build our Company so that we can continue to lead the Amendment 80/Gulf of Alaska multi spp. trawl fleet with our exceptionally maintained 35 year young vessels American No.1 and US Intrepid while planning for the next generation of safe, efficient, green, useful trawlers to start the rejuvenation of the American Fishing Fleet.
Finally, and most importantly, we have the best, loyal, hardworking and dedicated crew in the Industry.  Our hats go off to our crew - the ones that make this all possible.  I've often said a good crew is the key to our success - they make the difference and have brought many a poor boat to prominence by persevering.  A beautiful boat with a poor crew is worthless...
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; it's a good time to survey your situation and reflect upon our good fortune. We have just over a month to get the boats ready for the 2014 season and I invite you to follow along and watch us grow.  
Happy Thanksgiving from Kristian Uri and Team FFI - a team of excellence.
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