Congratulations Starbound

Aleutian Spray Fisheries, Inc. and Starbound, LLC celebrated the 'new and improved' STARBOUND today at Emerald Landing on Lake Union.

The Starbound was built in 1988 at Dakota Creek Industries (Hull #22) in Anacortes, WA.  She returned there last Fall to undergo a major renovation - the 240 foot vessel was split in half and 60 feet was inserted midbody.  The result is a 300 foot vessel that is even prettier than she was originally.  Further and most importantly, she added a Haarslev Fish Meal and Fish Oil plant as well as a new MAK main engine.

Fishermen's Finest has a long and valued relationship with Aleutian Spray and was happy to be part of the celebration (see our congratulatory flowers).

Main Specifications of New & Improved C/P STARBOUND

  • 300'  LOA
  • 276'  Length, waterline
  • 48'    Breadth
  • 22'    Loadline draft
  • 2780 Gross Tonnage
  • 10,400 gallons Fresh Water
  • 151,700 gallons Fuel Oil
  • 21,800 gallons Ballast Water
  • 45,728 gallons Fish Oil
  • 21,800 feet Fish Meal
  • 25,043 gallons Surimi Water

Congratulations to the Swasand Family, Aleutian Spray Fisheries, Inc. and Starbound, LLC.