Propeller Club

Kristian Uri and Liz Stout at the Seattle Propeller Club September 19, 2016

INVESTING IN OUR FUTURE -  rebuilding our American Fishing Fleet

Skipsteknisk's proven 'World Class' of trawlers, numbering 16+ worldwide 


Fishermen's Finest from the First - American No.1 christened by Senator Warren Magnuson, "This vessel marks the beginning of the end of foreign vessels in US waters"

To the Finest - Eco Trawler - America's Finest 

Link to Presentation: INVESTING IN OUR FUTURE - America's Finest®

Skipsteknisk ST-116XL
Dakota Creek Industries Hull #63

79.8m / 262' length
15.4m / 51' beam
5.6m  / 18.5 draft

Crew quarters: 49 plus hospital

Propulsion System:  MAN 8L32/44CR Main Engine 4,800 KW
                            Reintjes Gear Box
                            Hyundai Shaft Generator 2,900 KW

Auxillary Electrical:  CAT C32 & C18

Factory:  Optimar automated plate freezers
             Optimar palletizer
             MacGregor elevator/sideloading system
             Marel sorting & motion compensating scales

Deck:  Ibercisa electric winch system

Fishermen's Finest - a team of excellence - our name says it all.