Humpback Whales

Thanks again to Joe, our neighbor on Haystack Hill for this video of a couple of Humback whales making the rounds from Agnes Beach to Captain’s Bay earlier this week.


You’ll notice the TPI blue trampers in the bay, as well as the Ocean Peace (ex Amfish) offloading.

One website talks of the migration patterns of the humback whale as follows: Most North Pacific humpback whales begin their annual migrations from the Gulf of Alaska in early fall.

What results is an exodus to three primary locations in the southern latitudes of the North Pacific. One group will travel to the coast of Baja in Mexico. Another will migrate to a group of islands south east of Japan. But the largest population (over 60%) will find themselves in the Hawaiian Islands, a distance of nearly 3500 miles from their feeding grounds in Alaska. This migration takes the humpback approximately 4 to 8 weeks to complete.

The majority of the humpbacks that travel to Hawaii end up in the waters off Maui. It is a “trickle migration with the juveniles usually arriving first, followed by the adult males, adult females, then the pregnant females.

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