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Our H&G Catcher-Processors, the F/V America’s Finest, the F/V American No. 1, and the F/V U.S. Intrepid operate nearly 10 months out of the year (January-October). We sell only bulk, wholesale, container-load sized quantities of seafood products produced aboard our vessels.


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Fishermen’s Finest is a member of the following organizations as part of our commitment to sustainable fishing.



Alaska Plaice.jpg

Alaska Plaice

Pleuronectes Quadrituberculatus

Arrowtooth Flounder.jpg

Arrowtooth Flounder

Atheresthes stomias

Butter Sole.jpg

Butter Sole

Isopsetta isolepis


Flathead Sole

Hippoglossoides elassodon


Northern Rockfish

Sebastes polyspinis


Pacific Cod

Gadus macrocephalus


Pacific Ocean Perch (POP)

Sebastes alutus

red snapper.jpg

shortraker Rockfish

(aka Red Snapper) Sebastes ruberrimus

Rex sole.jpg

Rex Sole

Glyptocephalus zachirus


Rock Sole

Lepidopsetta billineta


Yellowfin sole

Limnada aspera

Starry Flounder.jpg

Starry Flounder

Platichthys stellatus

XmasFFI 2015.jpg

Other spp. — products

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