President's Address

As is our tradition at Fishermen's Finest, we gather at the start of each season on the dock or in this case at the HJP Warehouse, right up the street from our regular moorage at the Maritime Industrial Center (aka 'Old Coast Guard Dock') to hear from our President, Ms. Park regarding our team's performance in the past and plan for the future.

The setting for this year's President's Address was our HJP Warehouse in Fishermen's Terminal. Ms. Park reflected back on prior year's speeches and noted with pride that we have the most stable, hardworking, dedicated crew in the industry. Five, 10, even 20 years is common in our Company.

A recurrent theme in Ms. Park's annual addresses are the signs of the Chinese Zodiac - this year is the year of the Dragon and as such she declared, 'We are dragon people.'  Guard against complacency and be prepared for the areas that we cannot control. She also emphasized, 'Safety, FIRST, second, and third - period.'

Notable crew that were recognized for long term achievement were Antonio Suarez of the US INTREPID

and Giao Danh of the AMERICAN NO.1

We are a team, building our careers together at Fishermen's Finest - we don't take this for granted and we are all proud to be called Fishermen's Finest.

Here's a link to our 2011 President's Address:  Ms. Park Addresses Fishermen's Finest 1/11/11