Our Vessels

Fishermen’s Finest manages a fleet of two catcher/processor vessels operating in the bottomfish fisheries of the North Pacific and Bering Sea. We are very proud of our fleet of vessels and consider our crew and boats to be the best in the business. Our vessels are impeccably maintained and top producers in their class.

F/V American #1: Christened in 1979 by Senator Warren G. Magnuson, who proclaimed at the time, “This vessel marks the beginning of the end of foreign dominance in the U.S. fisheries.” American No. 1; she’s lived up to her name and we are proud to refer to her as Fishermen’s Finest Flagship Vessel.

  • Built: 1979
  • Marco Shipyard
  • LOA: 160
  • Crew: 39


F/V U.S. Intrepid: Like the American No. 1, the U.S. Intrepid operates in the North Pacific and Bering Sea multi-species bottom fish industry. She joined our team in 1997 and has been leading the way ever since. Intrepid:  Bold, Fearless, Brave.

  • Built: 1979
  • Bourg Shipyard
  • LOA: 185
  • Crew: 44
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