Highliner Hezel

Fishermen's Finest is honored to be associated with Captain Bob Hezel, a 2013 National Fisherman Highliner Award recipient

Click for pictures of the Highliner Dinner Award Ceremony November 21, 2013

Captain Hezel has been associated with Fishermen's Finest dating back to 1991; since 1997 he has been the Captain of the US INTREPID and has led the Amendment 80 fleet at sea and ashore.

Listed below are all the National Fisherman Highiner recipients for 2012 and 2013

When asked about the prestigious award for Captain Hezel, General Manager Kristian Uri reflected upon his 17 years of working together at Fishermen's Finest:

'Bob is a first generation fisherman that has made a name for himself by innovating, producing, and running a tight ship.'

'He's a true team builder that has the natural ability to get those that work for him to take responsibility for their position aboard the vessel and to work together towards the common goal - running a safe, efficient, lucrative fishing operation.'

We are pleased to recognize that Highliners run in the family; Amanda Heyano's (our HR Manager/Purchasing & Travel Agent) father Robert Heyano of Dillingham, Alaska is also a 2013 Highliner Award recipient.  

For more information on Captain Hezel, see the links below:

Check back in the near future for a link to the National Fisherman article from the December issue (better yet, buy a copy and sign up for subscription online)

We also have former Captain Konrad Uri as a Highliner in the family: 2011 NWFA Person of the Year

Fishermen's Finest - a team of excellence - our name says it all.

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