Captains Bay

Unalaska port of Dutch Harbor is our primary fishing port.  In that port, about 90% of the time, our vessels offload in Captains Bay.  Pictured below in the distance is the US Intrepid, offloading trip 10 of the 2014 Season yesterday (3/25/2014) to a tramper (picture by Mike Lloyd / Aleutian Expeditors)

Typically, we fuel at the North Pacific Fuel 'Crowley' dock in Captains Bay as well - this makes for a quick offload, backload and return to our fishing operations.  Our time in town is usually between 16 and 24 hours as we ready the vessel for the next trip (fuel, food, provisions, parts and perhaps change out crew).  

For more information on Dutch Harbor and the History of Captains Bay, please visit:

Unalaska Port of Dutch Harbor 

And for a great video of the area (from a tourists perspective):

Unalaska Convention & Tourism Video

Finally, with our operations, we typically fish the months of April, July, and October in the Gulf of Alaska - stay tuned next month for more on this - for a sneak peak, visit our previous Ship's bLog entry:

'Gulfport' Alaska

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