Sand Point

Fishermen's Finest primary Port of Call during the Gulf of Alaska Fisheries (April, July, October) is Sand Point.  Pictured below is the American No.1 after offloading trip 12, fueling at the Trident Dock in Sand Point.  

Located on the Southern side of the Alaska Peninsula, on Popof Island (one of the Shumagin Islands), Sand Point (also known as Qagun Tayagungin) is a city of approx. 1000 people.  It is a very important Port for the AMERICAN No1 (calling on Sand Point since 1986) as well as the US INTREPID.  Sand Point typically is our first Gulf of Alaska ("GOA") offload each April, July, and October.

Pictured above you can see Sand Point from March 2012 - from left to right, the City Dock (blue warehouse), Trident Seafoods plant (with white oil tanks in background), and the Robert E. Galovin Boat Harbor (behind the breakwater).  Also note the 60m tall (164') Wind Turbines, which were new at the time of this picture (.5 megawatt each - far upper right hand corner).

Since 1986, Fishermen's Finest has operated in the GOA and the associated GOA fisheries are very important to our Company and Crew.  See the following Ship's bLog from 2012 when Kristian Uri and Amanda Heyano visited Mayor Martin Gundersen and Harbormaster Richard Kochuten Jr.  

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The American No1 will call on Sand Point Saturday April 5th and the USIntrepid will be in Port the middle of next week.

Fishermen's Finest - a team of excellence - our name says it all...


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