Fishermen's Fall Fest

Fishermen's Finest is pleased to be a Main Stage Sponsor of this year's Fishermen's Fall Festival, set for Saturday October 3rd from 11am to 6pm in Fishermen's Terminal.

The annual Fishermen's Fall Festival is celebrates the return of the North Pacific fishing fleet to the terminal, works to increase the public’s knowledge of the importance of the fishing industry as well as Fishermen’s Terminal to Seattle while raising money for the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial Foundation. This event is made possible by the Fishermen's Terminal Tenants Association, donations from local businesses, and over 200 volunteers. 


We had the opportunity to partner with The Service Board through their Summer Intern Program and Kristian Uri toured the Memorial, Fishermen's Terminal and family vessel F/V Paragon with tSB interns Pacifico and Joerene.  

They were happy to see the real 'safest catch' approach of Fishermen's Finest and to learn that not all that they see on TV represents the mind set of the real fishermen of this region.  We're hoping to bring this perspective to the Fishermen's Fall Festival through our sponsorship of the event this year.

While 'Deadliest' may be an adjective that sells television shows, it in no way depicts reality in the fishing industry off the coast of Alaska (and Washington, Oregon, and California).  This is a serious business that provides working/family wage jobs for hardworking professional mariners.  

The Fishermen's Fall Festival is a great opportunity to remind people of this, in the shadow of the Fishermen's Memorial to those who have lost their lives pursing the American Dream aboard fishing vessels at sea. 


We're proud to be part of the event and look forward to seeing you there - be on the watch for more information on AMERICA'S FINEST tm at the event - a new safe, green, seaworthy, state of the art vessel that will be joining the North Pacific fleet in November of 2017.


Fishermen's Finest & AMERICA'S FINEST tm - our name says it all.