DCI Hull #63 POWER

Construction of America's Finest (DCI Hull #63) is progressing at Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, Washington.  Earlier this week, we stopped by to take a look at our Caterpillar Power units that are standing by in Tukwila - ready to bring our vessel to life with electrical generators - a CAT C32 (front), C18 (center) and C7.1 (back).

In addition, on August 26th, our MAN 8L32 44CR Engine 'came to life' on the test bed in Augsburg, Germany.  Below is a clip from the video of the big event, watched remotely from our Kirkland Headquarters conference room.

And here's a link to a video of the engine coming to life - of note, look at the size of the Engineer that walks into the video 15 seconds in, compared to the size of the engine.

MAN 8L32 44CR August 26, 2015 0700hrs Kirkland / 1700hrs Augsburg

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Dakota Creek Industries Hull #63
Skipsteknisk Design ST-116XL

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