The 228th Plenary Session of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council will meet the week of April 4, 2016 at the Hilton Hotel, 500 W. 3rd Avenue, Anchorage, AK.

Other meetings to be held during the week are:

Scientific and Statistical Committee: April 4-6, 8am, King Salmon/Iliamna Room
Advisory Panel: April 5-8, 8:00 am, Dillingham/Katmai Room
Council: April 6-12, 8:00 am, Aleutian Room
Halibut Management Committee: April 4, 1-5 pm, Chart Room
Ecosystem Committee: April 4, 9:30 - 5:00 pm, Old Federal Bldg, 605 W. 4th Ave. #205
RQE Committee: April 5, 1:00 pm, Fireweed Room
IFQ Crew Workshop: April 7, 5:15-7 pm, Fireweed Room

All meetings are open to the public, except executive sessions.

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