Honoring DCI

Mayor Lauri Gere and the entire Anacortes City Council took a moment last night to Honor Dakota Creek Shipyard for their important work in the community of Anacortes.  Liz Stout and Hollie Anthonysz accepted the award on behalf of Dakota Creek Industries and we were proud to take part in acknowledging the fine shipyard that is building AMERICA'S FINEST as well as maintaining AMERICAN NO.1 & US INTREPID:

Hollie went through the History of DCI as well as their Green Initiative and Hometown Workforce:

1975: Founded in Blaine
1977: Moved to Anacortes
1988: Installed Syncrolift
1994: Purchased Drydock
2010: Major Modernization:  New Outfit Piers, Substantial Dredging, Utilities, & Land Reclamation 

Dakota Creek Industries’ history is rooted in shipbuilding and repair going back to its start in a small shipyard on the Dakota Creek in Blaine, Washington in 1975. Initially building crab boats, the company soon outgrew the Blaine facility and moved to Anacortes in 1977, and began also building tug boats, commercial and government vessels. Since moving to Anacortes in 1977, DCI has continually upgraded the site including completing a major modernization in early 2010 which involved substantial dredging, new outfit piers, utilities, and land reclamation for ship and module construction areas.  All of these modifications have increased the yard capacity and improved efficiency. 

DCI has steadily grown into a shipyard that is well known locally and internationally for its quality and craftsmanship. DCI has continually updated and improved its facilities and trains its employees on the latest technologies and equipment.  To this day, Dakota Creek is proud to remain a privately held, family run business

Liz went over the new vessel construction projects, including our AMERICA'S FINEST, with the lowest carbon footprint in Alaska; edging towards the first carbon neutral trawler, utilizing carbon offsets, in the world:

Read the full presentation here:

Dakota Creek Industries - Tradition of Excellence ~ Innovation for the Future

Fishermen's Finest & Dakota Creek ~ a team of excellence.