2012 Yearbook

We received our copy of the National Fisherman magazine in today's mail and there is a nice article about our flagship vessel, AMERICAN NO.1 and her role as a pivotal boat design in the American fisheries.

In the April 2012 YEARBOOK edition of the National Fisherman Magazine, our flagship vessel AMERICAN NO.1 is featured on page 41 as one of the 'pivotal boat design[s] in the American fisheries.'

We encourage you to go out, buy a copy of the magazine to show your support for National Fisherman and read more about our vessel.  We're very proud of her and her fine crew that work diligently to produce America's No.1 quality fish products.  From the article, the 'American No.1 made 36 fishing trips last year, producing 12,000 tons of product... She's a leader in the fleet, an iconic figure.'

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