Alaska Springtime

Fishermen's Finest had the pleasure of visiting the Alaska Peninsual this past week, supporting the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation's (BBEDC) Career fair in King Salmon (Naknek), and Dillingham (BBEDC's headquarters). While we were there, we visited Sand Point, our homeport each year since 1986 for the months of April, July, and October.

Springtime in Alaska looks like Wintertime to most everyone else!

Fishermen's Finest participated in the BBEDC Career Fair this past week - it was inspirational to see the interest and passion for the fishing industry while we provided information about Fishermen's Finest and all that we have to offer.  Our first stop was King Salmon and Amanda Heyano (former BBEDC intern and current Fishermen's Finest Human Resources Manager) and Amber Christensen Fox (current BBEDC intern) manned the booth at the Bristol Bay Borough School in Naknek.

Following Naknek, we ventured over to Dillingham by way of Tucker Aviation; as you can see, it was a beautiful sunny weather for the entire trip (albeit cold)!

Upon arrival in Dillingham, Robin Samuelson and the folks at BBEDC hosted the group for a delicious dinner at the BBEDC headquarters (pictured below)

Like Naknek, we had a great turnout at Dilllingham Middle/High School and we were happy to tell all about the life of Fishermen's Finest.  We offer positions at sea as processors aboard our Fishing Vessels (F/V) American No.1 and U.S. Intrepid as well as the Fishermen's Finest BBEDC Seattle Internship program.  For more information about the internship, contact Charlene Lopez at BBEDC.

Finally, we finished our trip with a visit in Sand Point, to prepare for our vessel's arrival for the Gulf of Alaska (GOA) fisheries in April

As you can see, the wind was blowing a bit, which is pretty typical for Sand Point. They have new wind mills up on the hill to take advantage of the wind energy and a brand new airport. Thanks to mayor Martin Gunderson, The Anchor Inn (Pam Gunderson), and Assistant Harbor Master Jeremy for your help with services for our vessels. Without solid shoreside support, we would be at a loss and we appreciate all you do for Fishermen's Finest.

If you are interested in a more thorough view of Sand Point, click the following link for a Sand Point Panoramic Video taken Thursday morning, March 22, 2012

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