Hawks v. Rams

Ms. Park invited all the crew aboard the vessels at year end - US Intrepid trip 39 and American No.1 trip 40 to participate in a raffle to for Suite tickets for the Rams v.Seahawks game at Century link on December 28th.
The list of the first 24 to the right are those that will be watching from the suite.  But, that just didn't seem like enough for our hardworking and dedicated crew so she went ahead and purchased 'great' tickets for EVERYONE else who entered the raffle so they can attend as well - the next 26 on the list.
So, we'll be designating a tailgate party location in the next few days where we'll meet up before the game and distribute the tickets.
Happy Holidays & THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication to Fishermen's Finest.
Fishermen's Finest - a team of excellence (and HAWK FANS) - our name says it all.
Go Hawks!