Dutch Shipyard

US INTREPID and AMERICAN No.1 are moored at the Coastal Dock in Dutch Harbor for shipyard this year.  

As always, and especially as enter shipyard, we are reminded of our Safety Committment - for all who visit our vessels, you must have authorization to come aboard - without direct permission from one of the three people listed below, you are Trespassing if you access our vessels.  

Also note, we have strict rules for Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, and appropriate additional safety equipment while working aboard our vessels in shipyard.  Look for the Job Box - something we ALWAYS have at the gangway as you enter the vessel.  Use the equipment and return when you are done.  

Thanks to our friends at Coastal Transportation for the great facility to work from.  

Fishermen's Finest ~ a team of excellence [achieving LXXIX in 2014]. Our name says it all.